PHPMaker 2021.0

Generates PHP scripts from various databases

Create PHP-structured scripts from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Manage specific queries and get the desired results. Write or edit the existing data such as the type, server, port, and login credentials. Edit the title, charset, font, site icon, header logo and footer text of HTML pages.

If you are a web developer and you are always looking for useful applications to help you in your hard work as a programmer, then you will find out that PHPMaker can help you a lot. This is a great application that will make your work easier when you have to create web applications and dynamic web pages with PHP. Specifically, PHPMaker is a script generator that will let you manipulate data bases easily. In other words, you will be able to generate quick control panels (written in PHP) for a MySQL database.
Before starting to work with PHPMaker you will need a MySQL database, either on your PC or on a web host. PHPMaker then will extract tables and fields information and generate PHP scripts instantly based on this information. The application will generate a list page, a view page, edit page, delete page and search page all linked up properly.
To sum up, PHPMaker was created to offer you a greater flexibility in your web development job. It has many features that will let you create your web application according to your needs.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • All scripts are linked up correctly
  • Advanced functions working with remote servers


  • Download requires registration
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